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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Free Game: Fifa World (Beta)

Poster Boy Messi

Today I thought I'd talk about the new beta available on Origin for Fifa World.
Sure, Origin is far away from being as awesome as Steam, but if something is free it might be worth at least trying out. I downloaded it a few days ago, and I've been playing around on it to test the waters. 

Now usually with 'free' games, you can expect some kind of catch. Fifa World has a few options that make it less 'free' and more of the dreaded 'pay to win' system. But don't worry, you can still earn cash in game the hard way, and feel you've earned your ultimate team, it just takes longer.

With several modes to choose from, you don't even need to play this online against other human players. As long as you play Ultimate Team mode, you can actually play for free as much as you like. If you'd rather play online and test your skills (or how good your connection is) then you start with 5 match credits, which when used will regenerate over time or you can buy more to keep playing there and then. 

Opening Main Screen

The graphics aren't as good as the console Fifa games, but I'm willing to take that hit when: A) Its just a football game, and B) Its not costing me money.

I've tried a few games online using the "League Teams" feature, which means you play as whichever team you pick. This means people are bound to pick some of the best teams in the world as opposed to their favourite team, and nearly everyone I played online against picked Real Madrid until I chose Bayern Munich where my opponent also picked the same.

Since a few average games online, I've pretty much stuck with playing Ultimate Team mode and earning money to get better players.

My Ultimate Team (so far)

As you can see from the screenshot, its still early days for my team with an overall rating of 67 and an average team chemistry of 60. Chemistry is actually important to your team performance, which I've learnt the hard way, in that players prefer different team formations, or will get on better with fellow countrymen or club teammates. The green lines on the picture show good chemistry between my Italian goalkeeper and centre-back, as well as the good connection between my Left Midfielder and my Striker because they both play for Southampton. 

So far the game has been fun, as well as a little challenging for a part time Fifa player such as myself, but its a game I can log onto for just a quick match or two, or a multiple hour session where I forget what time of day it is.

If you like your football games, and you like having free things, then I would easily recommend Fifa World to you. I just apologise that you need to download Origin and create an account to get this, but as always the main point is its FREE!

Free Plants VS Zombies? Deal!

Now, if you don't like football games, I'd still recommend jumping on Origin quickly, because for a limited time you can get a totally free full game of 'Plants VS Zombies' with the added content and everything. That my friends is not something to miss, because if you haven't played 'Plants VS Zombies' then you're missing out on a treat.

If you download Origin or Fifa World and want to add me online, then feel free to contact me either through the comments here, Facebook, or on my Twitter.

Likewise if you just want to tell me your opinions of the game if you try it out.



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