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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Pocket Gaming: Injustice Mobile Version

Today's 'Pocket Gaming' is about the mobile version of 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' available for iOS and Android.

Injustice is a fighting game, developed by NetherRealm Studios, based upon the DC comics universe. Not only was it developed for consoles, there is also a version available for iOS and Android, which is the version I'm here to talk about.

The two versions can sync up progress by asking players to create a WBID, which is a Warner Brothers ID. This enables gamers to perform certain actions on one version of the game to unlock content for the other, and vice versa. For example, finishing the story mode on the console version will unlock an alternative Superman character on the mobile game.

A quick note for iPhone 4 users: I've been playing this on my phone, and when you load up the game you get a warning about potential slower performance due to the game 'not being supported' even though it actually runs. Newer iPhone's should run this fine.

A note for Android users: Because the game was out for months on iOS before being ported to Android, this means your version is also behind with the newest update that includes online multiplayer and new characters. Don't worry though, the update shouldn't be too far away for you.

On this pocket version, the characters are divided into different class cards such as Bronze, Silver and Gold. The main difference between these classes are the strength and health stats, as well as an alternate skin (as shown in pictures below)

The Bronze characters available.

Silver Characters, notice higher stats and differing appearance.

Money to buy new characters, or upgrade existing ones, can be earned via winning battles or via in-app purchasing (if you like that kind of thing).

I'm not going to explain fully how you play the game, it has a tutorial for you, but I will say that this has proved to be one of the better games available for mobiles with a decent difficulty curve, and its totally free!

You start with three bronze characters, and will only be fighting other bronze characters for the beginning section of the game. In the picture I've just gone back to one of first fights, with a newly unlocked 'Cyborg' card, to show as an example.

Fights are 3 vs 3, and once your team runs out of energy you just close the game and wait for them to recharge (unless you purchase energy boosts). Once you've unlocked more characters you can easily switch to a new team, who will be fully charged, in case you aren't finished playing just yet (I know that feeling all too well).

The money and experience gains start small, and the game can be a bit of a grind at times, but once you've gotten several good teams together to keep switching you will earn money a lot faster.

Not all fights are timed, just this 'challenge' fight had a countdown.

Flash finishing his super move against Cyborg

Obviously if you are a fan of DC comics then you will probably enjoy this game a little more than non-fans, but that shouldn't discourage anyone. The game play is good and definitely more engaging than most 'card' games available in app stores. Injustice makes you want to come back for more, not only to upgrade your characters and earn new ones, but they are constantly bringing out new challenges for a limited time for new character.

Overall, Pixel Punk would give Injustice mobile version a big thumbs up, and recommends you download it and try the game for yourself. If you're a sucker for people giving scores for games then Injustice definitely earns a strong 8 out of 10.

If you've already played, or if you recently try it, let me know your thoughts by either commenting here, visiting, or by tweeting @pixelpunkplays. 


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