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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pixel Punk Predicts: WWE Money In The Bank

Once again its pay per view time for WWE, and this month is the return of 'Money in the Bank' (henceforth referred to as MitB). I'll try predict the winners from the whole match card, but I'll focus more on the two actual MitB ladder matches because they are the main focus of the show, the rest is just there to fill the card.
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Goldust & Stardust VS RybAxel (Ryback & Curtis Axel)

I suspect this will be a little longer then their match on Raw, which was used to introduce Cody Rhodes' new persona of Stardust. Because of the recent image change, WWE will probably class Goldust and Stardust as a totally new tag team, and for that reason alone I think they will get the victory for momentum purposes.

Winners: Goldust and Stardust (via pinfall)

Summer Rae VS Layla w/special referee Fandango

Some feuds are awful to write about, and this feels like one. Summer Rae hasn't exactly had a face turn to warrant the crowd getting behind her here, and I doubt they'll be behind Layla either. I expect less 'wrestling' and more of a cat fight. The crowd will likely be dead, besides a brief sing along to Fandango's entrance music. Who wins? More like 'who cares?'
I'll opt for Summer Rae winning, but I wouldn't see it as a sign of her and Fandango re-uniting.

Winner: Summer Rae (via pinfall)

Big E VS Rusev w/Lana

This is a re-match from the Payback PPV, and much like last month this match will go exactly the same way. Big E will maybe get some offence in, but in the end we'll all hear the words "Rusev crush!" from Lana, and Big E will be tapping out once more.

Winner: Rusev (via submission) 

WWE Tag Titles: The Usos(c) VS Erick Rowan and Luke Harper (The Wyatt Family)

These guys have been having matches on TV left, right, and centre, and when they're not in a match against one another, they were getting involved in the John Cena/Bray Wyatt feud. Still, these two teams work well together and this will likely get a decent amount of time for both teams to hit some big spots and get some near falls. It's going to be a tough one to call. Do the Wyatt Family finally get their first gold, or will the Usos retain and hold the belts until the eventual call up of The Ascension from NXT? I'll opt for the latter, the Wyatt Family are great workers, and I don't feel they need the belts to make them relevant.

Winner: The Usos (via pinfall)

Diva's Title: Paige(c) VS Naomi

Two Diva matches on the same card? We're really being spoilt by the WWE here. If you don't use the first one as a toilet break, then you'll be using this one instead. Don't get me wrong, both these girls can work, and I expect they could have a good match together, but that's only if WWE give them the time and allow them to. Naomi's partner Cameron has been losing her matches with Paige, and with a rumoured break-up of the Funkadactyls (I feel dirty typing that word) Cameron might do something stupid to cost Naomi the match.

Winner: Paige (via DQ)

MitB Contract Match: Kofi, RVD, Ziggler, Rollins, Ambrose, Barrett, Swagger

Now we're getting to the main point of the evening. I doubt both ladder matches will be back to back at the end of the PPV, so I imagine this match will go on first or second of the evening. As always in this match some people are there just as extra bodies with no real shot at winning. However this year I can see one of three/four winning. I say three/four because that all depends on whether Bad News Barrett is still involved following his shoulder injury at the Smackdown tapings. If he isn't, they my top three picks would be Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Dolph Ziggler. Rollins has just turned his back on his Shield cohorts Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, and will be Triple H's new guy, which gives him a huge chance at winning here. Having said that, Ambrose has been added to the match at the request of Rollins, which could be costly. This decision could backfire with either Ambrose himself stealing the victory from Rollins, or Ambrose doing something to screw over and prevent Rollins from winning, thus opening the window of opportunity to someone like Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler works hard, puts effort into every match, and sells for people like no other on the current roster. He's popular with the fans because they recognise all his hard work, and believe he deserves another shot when his last one was cut short by an ill-timed concussion.
Right here is where I cheat a little and pick two potential winners, one that my heart wants, and one that my head thinks will win.

Winner: My heart wants Ziggler, but my head says Seth Rollins

WWE World Heavyweight Championship MitB Ladder Match (phew)
Kane, Sheamus, Del Rio, Cesaro, Reigns, Cena, Orton, Wyatt

Main event time and we're guaranteed a new champion since Daniel Bryan was forced to vacate the title due to injury. Much like the contract ladder match, this match features a few people as extra bodies with no real threat of them winning (or so I feel). I can see a few possibilities for this match, depending on how they want to plan for the future and their booking up to the Summerslam PPV. I'll start by saying I don't believe Sheamus or Del Rio will be winning this thing, where as others will be booked as likely candidates. Kane: People will argue Kane has no chance, but with Bryan likely to return for revenge against Kane, I could see WWE briefly giving Kane the title only to drop it back to Bryan. 
Orton: He's a capable go-to heel when you need someone to keep the belt warm. 
Cesaro: Being built up as the new Paul Heyman guy, may be having a face turn down the line to set up a feud with fellow Paul Heyman guy Brock Lesnar, who just happens to be coming back in time for Summerslam. Plus, never under estimate when Paul Heyman says one of his clients winning isn't a prediction, it's a spoiler.
Wyatt: He's done some brilliant promos about what him holding the title could mean in the WWE, and he's just finished a feud with top star John Cena (although he was on the losing end). Giving Wyatt the belt and continuing his push could be a total swerve for WWE to pull, and give them an entirely new direction to run in.
Reigns: The powerhouse of former group The Shield, he's being built strongly by WWE and will continue to be so going forward. He'll hit some big spots in this match, likely connecting with multiple Superman Punches and Spears. If Reigns has a clear run at climbing the ladder, expect something screwy to happen with either Orton or Triple H (or both), as it's been rumoured for a while that Reigns will be booked into a one on one match at Summerslam with Triple H.
John Cena: I don't really need to say much do I? It's John Cena, the company's go to guy. The PPV is being held in Boston, so giving a Boston native a hometown win wouldn't be out of the question. There was also a leaked Summerslam poster featuring Cena and Brock Lesnar, which sparked rumours of Cena winning at MitB and going on to defend the belt until Lesnar challenges at Summerslam.

Like the previous ladder match prediction, I will also be picking two guys here.

Winner: My heart wants Wyatt, but my head screams John Cena

I'd love to hear from you guys in regards to what you think will happen. Do you agree or disagree with anything I've said? Let me know, as always, via the comments, the Pixel Punk Facebook page, or on Twitter @pixelpunkplays


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