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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Pixel Punk Predicts: WWE Payback

Once a month WWE holds a pay per view event, and this month will be Payback. So each month I'll be taking a look at the match card for the events and predict what I think will happen. (All match up pictures belong to

Hornswoggle VS El Torito in Hair VS Mask

First up is the Kick Off show before the actual PPV. Hornswoggle puts his hair on the line trying to un-mask El Torito. It will probably get about 10 minutes and will mostly be comedy spots involving the teams in each guys respective corners (3MB for Hornswoggle and Los Matadors for El Torito). There's really not much to say, sure they had a pretty good 'WeeLC' match before last months Extreme Rules PPV, but this match will likely end with El Torito getting the win and Hornswoggle trying to avoid getting his hair cut.
Winner: El Torito. 

Rusev w/Lana VS Big E

Rusev has been destroying jobbers and mid-carders since his arrival onto the main roster, this match will go on a little longer than all of those. Big E is a powerhouse, but he's been on a downward slide since dropping the Intercontinental Title, so I don't see him picking up the win.
Winner: Rusev via Submission.

Bad News Barrett (c) VS Rob Van Dam for the IC Title

Rob Van Dam won a 'Beat the Clock' challenge to earn a shot at Barrett's title, but I don't see the belt hot-shotting off Barrett so soon after he won it. Especially given RVD is only a part time WWE Superstar.
Winner: Bad News Barrett via pinfall.

Sheamus (c) VS Cesaro for the US Title

Sheamus hasn't held the belt long since winning it in a battle royal, however here's one match where I do expect a title change. With Cesaro becoming ever more popular, and having Paul Heyman in his corner, I can see Sheamus' reign being a short transitional one. 
Winner: Cesaro via pinfall.

Paige (c) VS Alicia Fox for the Divas Title

Straight after Wrestlemania, Paige shocked AJ by pinning her for the Divas title. This will only be Paige's second title defence, and although Alicia has been getting some character build up on TV as of late, I just don't see this title changing hands.
Winner: Paige via pinfall.

John Cena VS Bray Wyatt in a 'Last Man Standing' match

A back and forth rivalry. Cena gained the victory at Wrestlemania 30, but Wyatt got a measure of payback (get it?) at Extreme Rules by winning their cage match. This could be the end of this feud, and although I see John Cena winning, Bray will become an even bigger star because of this feud. I'm picking John to win based on the fact he has a great track record in 'Last Man Standing' matches, and he's the babyface superman who may lose battles but will always win the war.
Winner: John Cena.

Shield VS Evolution: No Holds Barred Elimination Match.

This should go last on the card as the main event, and is also going to be a tough one to predict correctly. The Shield beat Evolution back at last months Extreme Rules PPV, but what would an Evolution victory at Payback do to progress the feud? Batista had his final Monday Night Raw this past week, and will likely take time off to do promotion for his movie after this PPV. Rumours are flying around the Internet that both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will get eliminated, leaving Roman Reigns to make a huge against all odds comeback, which is quite believable given WWE's approach to pushing this future star. Other rumours speculate Ambrose could will turn on the Shield to gain a spot in Evolution, taking Batista's place while he's gone (which hasn't even been teased and would likely be a huge twist). 
I'm going to take a long shot, and guess that Evolution will get the victory to even the score, and the following night on Raw someone new will join Evolution replacing Batista. This keeps the feud going to somehow explain how we'll eventually get to a rumoured Summerslam match of Roman Reigns VS Triple H.
Winners: Evolution 

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and predictions for this PPV through the comments here, or via the Pixel Punk Facebook and Twitter.


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